Married in Mission: A Handbook for Couples in Cross-Cultural Service

Alexis C. Kenny

Alexis C. Kenny is a Montana native gone rogue—geographically speaking. She attended the University of San Diego and has since graduated from Catholic Theological Union (CTU) with an MA in Intercultural Ministry. In a gap year before her final semesters at CTU, Alexis and her husband volunteered for thirteen months at an orphanage in rural Honduras. She is now a PsyD student in James Madison University’s Combined-Integrated Doctoral Program for Clinical and School Psychology.


Married in Mission is a guide for Christian couples called to the complex, yet fulfilling, world of long-term, cross-cultural volunteer/mission work. This resource addresses the inherent challenges and benefits of overseas ministry from the perspective of husband and wife. With a total of twenty-one interactive exercises concerning marriage and service, this handbook is a means for individuals to purposefully engage with their vocational roles as both spouses and missioners.

Kenny has identified and categorized seven different phases within an extended, international volunteer/mission commitment: the pre-departure periods of (1) discernment and (2) preparation; the (3) beginning, (4) middle, and (5) end of the abroad experience itself; and finally, the post-assignment stages of (6) re-entry and (7) integration. Each chapter of this manual is dedicated to one of these seven distinct seasons of intercultural ministry.

Comprised of topics and conclusions based on anecdotal data gathered from over ninety married missioners, informed by a healthy blending of psychology and Catholic-Christian theology, and written in an informative yet accessible manner, Married in Mission is a comprehensive and necessary tool for all globally engaged couples.  

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